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12 Uhr: Jazzology
Jazz von Armstrong bis Zorn: Reichlich sch├Âne T├Âne. Jazzology steht aber auch f├╝r lustvolles Lauschen in Rock-, Pop-, Folk- und Klassikgefilden.

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13 Uhr: Jazzology
Jazz von Armstrong bis Zorn: Reichlich sch├Âne T├Âne. Jazzology steht aber auch f├╝r lustvolles Lauschen in Rock-, Pop-, Folk- und Klassikgefilden.

14 Uhr: Rund um die Beatles
Ausgefallene Coverversionen - Kurioses rund um die Beatles - Hintergr├╝nde zu einzelnen Songs und nat├╝rlich auch Beatleslieder. Was war die Motivation von Paul, den Song "Why don't we do it in the road" nur mit Ringo aufzunehmen? Wer waren die Rutles? Wie k├Ânnten die Beatles heute klingen, wenn sie noch auf Tour w├Ąren? Wie waren die Beziehungen zwischen den Beatles und den anderen gro├čen Musikern der 60-ger? ....

15 Uhr: MusikLokal
Im MusikLokal treffen sich regionale Musiker*innen aus der Rhein-Neckar-Region.

Monats├╝bersicht ├╝ber alle Sendungen

Refugee Voices

Refugee Voices holt Gefl├╝chtete aus dem Rhein-Neckar-Dreieck vors Mikrofon: mit eigenen Beitr├Ągen und als Moderator*innen. Refugee Voices ist eine Sendung von Gefl├╝chteten f├╝r Gefl├╝chtete ÔÇô und f├╝r alle anderen. Gesendet werden unter anderem Interviews und Songs, die im Rahmen des w├Âchentlichen Radio Caf├ęs, einem Treffpunkt f├╝r Gefl├╝chtete in der Neckarstadt in Mannheim, enstanden sind. Ob Reggae oder Rock, Kultur oder Politik ÔÇô bei Refugee Voices bestimmen die Gefl├╝chteten die Musik und die Inhalte.

Refugee Voices offers refugees in the Rhein-Neckar region the opportunity to get in front of a microphone: with their own radio clips or as show hosts. Refugee Voices is a broadcast by refugees for refugees ÔÇô and for everyone else. In the radio show, you can listen to interviews and songs that have been produced during the weekly Radio Caf├ę, a meeting point for refugees in Neckarstadt in Mannheim. Whether reggae or rock, culture or politics ÔÇô in Refugee Voices, the music and radio show contents are decided by the refugees.

For the Jingle of our "Radio-Caf├ę" we are using a
"Creative Commons License" (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).
The music is from Bad Cop (Instrumental) by The Impossebulls
is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.
Based on a work at

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Donnerstag, 30.03.2017

It's thursday again! "Refugee Voices" is on air today between 3 and 4 pm!
Today is the premiere of the Refugee-Voices jingle-promo! The jingle is the result of a two part workshop which took place the last couple of weeks.
Other topics include the "Radio Camp" which will take place in May at the Bodensee. What is a Radio Camp? Each year around Ascension Day, community media journalists, nerds, political and social activists and technicians offer workshops of almost any kind concerning media and political activity. No matter where your interests lie, bei it editorial work, technical support or theoretical discussions; wether you are an old hand or have freshly joined the media community ÔÇô everyone can learn something new every day. Also, the workshops are not the only things going on at the camp, there are also a lot of cultural and leisure time activities as well as the beautiful landscape of south-west Germany.
The camp also provides and excellent opportunity to meet people who are interested in the same stuff you are, to learn and laugh together or talk about important stuff for hours. The Radio Camp is on since 1995. More infos:

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