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3 Uhr: contra.funk
Sendung des Autonomen Zentrums (im Exil) Heidelberg mit Infos zu politischen und kulturellen Themen, Aktionsberichten, Terminen und Musik.

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4 Uhr: fastandquiet
Ăśberblick verloren? Anschluss verpasst? Marc Rockdashle verpasst euch das neuste Update in Sachen Indie, Electro, Singer/Songwriter und Artverwandtem.The best is yet to come!

5 Uhr: Forum Funkt
Das Jugendkulturzentrum forum geht auf Sendung! Einmal im Monat, immer abwechselnd produziert von der FSJlerin im forum und der jungen Radio-Gruppe „Mannheim auf Sendung“. Untermalt mit viel Musik, beschäftigt sich die Sendung mit den unterschiedlichsten Themen aus dem persönlichen Alltag, dem des forums, Mannheims, der Welt und nicht zuletzt der Phantasie.

6 Uhr: Cheval Noir
Monsieur 70 Volt und DJ BenĂ´it reiten auf dem Lichstrahl des Pulsars. Symphonien galoppieren und Donnerhall steigt aus dem Ă„ther hervor.

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#22 catch 20/20 (2020-01-03)

[ Anniversary Clipshow; no playlist ]


MC Shoota lyrics excerpts loosely translated (world premiere):

some boys stand around and mark/play the boss
they talk something in english and think they are fresh
oh I'm sorry when I (accidentally?) hit one of you
but listen to me now when I'm barking into the crowd:
fresh is actually only if you make something
what someone else doesn't even begin to have -
but look at you man your style is smooth like ice
and before you slip on it take my good advice:
the difference makes it, hey believe me
listen to someone else beccause the shoota speaks to thee
in styles against me, man, you will lose
so put something with style on paper
that is what you should do, and pretty fast
before I smash you against the wall in terms of style
I can not imagine that you like this idea
but in the long run one does not make money with bullshit

[ inbetween the rare exception: english chatting, for the express(ed) purpose of puthin the other MC present there in their place (MC Shadow{hunter} from Mannheim) ]

the dj bad boy kaiza and the mc shoota
they will send you from here to utopia
anyone who has been there knows what I saw
I saw a colorful super wild crowd
I asked myself who was this crowd
then it occurred to me that I was at a jungle party
we came in there, man, I give it to you in black on white:
for those people who were cold in the beginning, it suddenly got hot
sounds a little over the top now I know -
but what was pouring in masses was only sweat
hey listen to me man I'm babbling no shit
[???] like a rice field with rice
you people still set the mood, man - appeal to your diligence:
be fucking loud once instead of always quiet!

we rock it fat man and in all sorts of ways
others lose man that's how high are our cards
we shoot fat beatz from all sorts
sometimes with soft ones but mostly with hard ones
predestined to start big partys
here in the man house you could hardly wait for it
how we are called I don’t need to tell you
trio is on all flyers and posters

kaiza rocks the beatz in devastating proportions
ventricular fibrillation, sweat pearls, your heart races,
restlessly rolling eyes and boiling blood - those
are symptoms with which one does not joke
you feel like poisoned by gas
see everything distorted as if through frosted glass
take cover - oh I forgot:
the air stays away, the tunnel comes - that was it
but, thought wrong again - reanimated
a voice lost in the beat, loses itself in nothingness
the memory erased, you have not understood
are penetrated what has happened now
what did you do - you were embarrassed
tended in our direction, are now involved
woke up again, not confused
fully integrated, both your body and mind obey

come in now and step with the mic
always deeper darker really tight
because our style it rocks worldwide
fat beat fat bass it comes properly
with the wide pads/surfaces super wide
with the mic with the mix are you ready
because we are there you know what's up
shoota the bassline travel guide
is going off with the german style
always deeper darker dirty wild
chops around like a hatchet
presents lived/actual Green Mile
offers german rhymes for sale
our set is much too geil
fat plate fat thing
with the red thread like a rope

trio drum and bass pentagon
are you ready for the things from
mc on killer front
polishing your face skillfully
theoretically it's possible
real, not virtually like tron
me driving, you in the back
thrust with a few kilo pond
my style is hit and run
I am here and now and then
pulling yourself under my ban/spell
ey what are you bitching so much
I am proving what I can
come here and take it like a man
dead serious and no fun
your drivel: no matter

jungle mafia, yeah that's exactly where you belong to
ha, I have to laugh there, when I see you I make 'ooh' like a cow 'moo'
because our beatz are more gangsters than al capone
and our vibration even comes through an old gramophone
consisting of bass, snare and vibraphone, we are the father
and our music is our son
we go further than you can come with
many have already tried it man - and have burnt their fingers
hey - it's me the shoota man
drawing yourself under my spell with my singing
and when I write lyrics man I have the fat plan:
after the previous line, ey, I will write the next one
yes, the microphone, that is my thing
I rock it back and forth, and every now and then
sometimes I compose fat songs
like chris and ma stieber
but normally not in hip hop- but in jungle fever
( ^ reference to Stieber Twins, a 90s German Hiphop crew from Heidelberg)

move to the beat when the dj there is spinning
mc shoota is on the mic and he is sweeping
around your ears man and faster than the wind
do I move my tongue and I am not blind
I can see what's going on here in mannheim
I am always aware of things, so listen to my rhyme
we are more or less a big family
be it super dj malice or newcomer mc gee
biggin up budoka and the santana mc
dj bad boy kaiza and the mc white-jamie
we are the best yes the jungle joker
turn people on to it like to coca
on the microphone is the mc shoota
and I give you contra you self-promoter

m.i.c. man that's the name of the galaxy
writing texts the theory, emceing is the practice
fact is that I have more style than money
but rather much style than money like thurn and taxis
you're messing with me even though my minimum your max is
you cannot write and your flow totally shitty is
arctis - my style is cool like her
everyone has normalo-style, all I say is: fuck this

beatz from freaks as freaks from beatz
come in here and roll fat lead cheats
you are enthusiastic about the spirit of weed
but our music you like better, one can see it
close your astonished mouth, wind is coming in it
cause this is very simple cause the bass and beatz
and the lyrics form the basis of the song
we flip styles like your cat meouws

we come in here from the mannheim neighborhood
and make sure that the party is going good
ey my god we rock the crew here and tonight
check the big beat that gets you ready and done


#23 Mixup, The Internet Rinse Show (2020-02-07)

[ Skipisode; no playlist ]

Most tunes by Jakazid and Shere Kahnn fwiw, bigup!


#24 Memento Mori / Smokey Joe (2020-03-06)

00. Futurama God intro
01. Peabird + Tomahawk - unknown [Breakz'R'Uz BRKZX002 Forbidden Fruit] 2003
02. Alien Factory - "This Is Not A Daydream" [Generator 012] 1994
03. Dog Section - "Hangtime" [Smokers Inc SINC1234] 1999
04. Smokey Joe - "Mix Move" [Machine Code M.C.R. 001] 1999
05. Dr. Mac - "Landslide" [Smokers Inc SINC1240] 2000
06. Mixmaster Mike - "Dented Fridge" (Catapilla Spit) [Asphodel ASP-2008 Return Of The Cyklops] 2002
07. The Smokester - "Mantis" [Smokers Inc SINC1239] 2000
08. Stasis - "Chemicals" [Smokers Inc SINC1236] 1999
09. Peabird + Tomahawk - unknown [Breakz'R'Uz BRKZX002 Forbidden Fruit] 2003
00. Babylonian - "Eclipse" [Smokers Inc SINC1237] 1999
11. Smokey Joe - "Radius" [Smokers Inc SINC1242] 2000
02. Babylonian - "Zulu" [Smokers Inc SINC1237] 1999
13. Stasis - "Abuse" [Smokers Inc SINC1236] 1999
14. The Smokester - "Boxer" [Smokers Inc SINC1234] 1999
15. Peabird + Tomahawk - unknown [Breakz'R'Uz BRKZX002 Forbidden Fruit] 2003
16. Peabird + Tomahawk - unknown [Breakz'R'Uz BRKZX002 Forbidden Fruit] 2003
17. Dr. Mac - "It Bites" [Smokers Inc SINC1240] 2000
18. Smokey Joe - "Bad News" [Flex DP002 The Product LP] 2000
19. The Smokester - "Narkotic" [Smokers Inc SINC1239] 2000
10. Smokey Joe - "Hoax" [Smokers Inc SINC1242] 2000
21. Smokey Joe - "Caution" [Frontline FRONT049] 2000
22. Jack Shadow - "Humbug" [Smokers Inc SINC1245 The Hardcore Trilogy pt.3] 2000
23. The Smokester - "Let It Go" [Smokers Inc SINC1251] 2001
>> The Smokester - "Let It Go" [Smokers Inc SINC1251] 2001
24. The Smokester - "Listen Closer" [Smokers Inc SINC1251] 2001
>> The Smokester - "Listen Closer" [Smokers Inc SINC1251] 2001
25. Jack Shadow - "Make 'em Clap" [Smokers Inc SINC1243 The Hardcore Trilogy pt.1] 2000
26. Peabird + Tomahawk - unknown [Breakz'R'Uz BRKZX002 Forbidden Fruit] 2003
27. Smokey Joe - "Pin Point" [Frontline FRONT049] 2000
28. Stasis - "Can't Stop It" [Smokers Inc SINC1241] 2000
29. Jack Shadow - "Still Here" [Smokers Inc SINC1243 The Hardcore Trilogy pt.1] 2000
30. Peabird + Tomahawk - unknown [Breakz'R'Uz BRKZX002 Forbidden Fruit] 2003
31. Bloodline - "The Citadel Of Everlasting Tyranny" feat. Myron Fagan [Misantrof ANTIRecords] 2007
>> Eläkeläiset - "Humpparitari" bonus track [Stupido TWINCD22 Humppakäräjät] 1994



#25 Senderjubiläumsspecial (2020-11-21)

[ no playlist ]

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