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16 Uhr: Sonar Fr-16
Das regionale Infomagazin peilt die neuesten Entwicklungen und skurrile Nebensächlichkeiten im bermuda.dreieck an und ortet Highlights.

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17 Uhr: Sonar Fr-17
Das regionale Infomagazin peilt die neuesten Entwicklungen und skurrile Nebensächlichkeiten im bermuda.dreieck an und ortet Highlights.

18 Uhr: Chasin That Neon Rainbow
Olaf Christiansen entführt seit über 5 Jahren jeden Monat in die Welt der modernen Country Music, die traditionelle Klänge mit Pop- und Rock-Elementen vermischt.

19 Uhr: Chasin That Neon Rainbow
Olaf Christiansen entführt seit über 5 Jahren jeden Monat in die Welt der modernen Country Music, die traditionelle Klänge mit Pop- und Rock-Elementen vermischt.

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Switch - Fuer immer Punk

08.08.2022 - 0 Uhr: Switch - Fuer immer Punk

04.08.2022 - 11 Uhr: Switch - Fuer immer Punk

Hallole, ich heiße Sibel und ich spreche das, was ich denke/fühlen tu: einfach die Wahrheit über alles, was mir passiert(e)/ich erlebt habe schon/mich traurig oder glücklich oder wieder gesund macht. Darüber quatsch ich dann manchmal auch mit tollen Leuten, Bänds, DJ's, die ich kennengelernt habe.
Dabei läuft Musik aus allen Genres, Tracks, die mir das Leben gerettet haben schon, wo man tanzen oder träumen kann oder ausflippt vielleicht dabei. Da es live ist, kannste mit allem rechnen – ich versuche rüberzubringen, was für mich Punk sein bedeutet.
Achso, einen Kopfhörer parat liegen zu haben oder 13 KW is nicht das schlechteste dabei *)

Hey there, my name is Sibel and i speak that, what i think/feel: only the truth about my view, what happens/d, what made me happy or unhappy or what have made me again healthy. about such things i talk sometimes with greateful guests, bands, dj´s which i met and know.
presently during the show plays/ runs all music genres, tracks, which have safed me already my life, where you can dance or dream or flipp out maybe on it.
ah !
to have nearly around your spweakers or 13 KW isnt that bad within *)

Sendende(r): Sibel Taylan

Mailkontakt: switch [at]


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Sonntag, 16.01.2022

16 01 2022
switch- fürimmerpunk!
mobile record : spieluhr/ music box at ingino´s home
supersong : dead can dance - end of words
supersong : sezen aksu - haydi gel benimle ol
supersong : liesbeth list - a taste of honey / beat club <3
supersong : claude bolling - strange magic
supersong : gary manilow - copacobana
supersong : the sound - i cant escape myself
supersong : long dark train
supersong : adrian borland - walking in the opposite direction
background : 639 Hz ? attract love ? raise positive energy ? marimba meditation music
* "im moment nichts, danke!"
* "su anda birsey degil, tesekkürler!"
* "nothing at the moment, thanks!"
* "was wollen sie trinken?"
* " neyi icmek isterseniz?"
* " what would you like to drink?"
* "im moment nichts, danke!"
* "su anda birsey degil, tesekkürler!"
* "nothing at the moment, thanks!"
worte die gut tun
ein blütenweißes blatt papier sagte:" rein wurde ich geschaffen,
und diese reinheit will ich bewahren. eher werde ich ins feuer
gehen und zu weißer asche verbrennen, als dass ich es zuließe,
von etwas dunklem oder gar etwas unreinem befleckt zu werden!"
das tintenfass vernahm die worte des blattes und lachte tief in
seinem dunklem herzen. doch es wagte es nicht, dass weisse blatt
zu berühren. auch die farbstifte hatten die worte gehört und hielten
sich dem blatte fern.
und das blütenweisse blatt papier blieb rein-
und leer.
khalil gibran, der vorbote
words which makes good
a blossom white paper said:" pure i was created,
and this pureness i want to keep. rather i will go into the fire
and get burned to white ashes, as than i would allow it,
to get tainted from something dark or even impure!"
the inkpot examined the words of the paper and laughed deep in
its dark heart. after all it has not waged it, to touch
the white paper. also the coloured pencils had examined the words and
stood far from the paper.
and the blossom white paper stood pure-
and empty.
khalil gibran,the precursor
* was macht dein lächeln mit dir?
* what makes your smile with you?
* gülümsen seninle ne yapiyor?
* unwiederbringlich
* irrecoverable
* wie möchte ich es haben?
* how i want it to have?
* ben nasil istiyorum?
* was, wenn alles möglich wäre?
* what, when everything is possible?
* ne, hersey olabilirse nasil olur?
supersong : liesbeth list - a taste of honey
* he wie geil sind eigentlich akkukabel hey?
* hey, how sick actually are these recharable batterycables?
*" yanina gelmemi izin ver lütfen!"
*" lass mich zu dir kommen bitte!"
* "let me come to you please!"
* "o zamana kadar ne yapacak?"
"dayanacak- dayanacak!"
* "until then what will he/she do?"
* " hold it out- hold out !"
* "was macht sie/er solange?"
" es aushalten- es aushalten!"
* gün dogamadan neler dogar?!
* what will be born bevore the day is born?
* "das ist sicher kein leichter schritt für sie!"
*" this surely is not an easy step for you!"
* darf ich mal?
* may im allowed once?
* darf ich mal durch?
* may im allowed to get through?
* "robert, du musst dich konzentrieren,
sonst wars das!"
* "robert, you have to be focused,
otherwise this was it!"
* wie jeder was weiß..
* how everybody knows something...
* herkez birseyin bildigi var ya..
* liebe ist die beste kosmetik
* love is the best cosmetic
* "dem schicksal muss man manchmal auch etwas in den hintern treten!" sagt rosalie :)
* "the destiny sometimes you have to kick also into the buttocks!" rosalie says :)
* bu konusma nereye gidiyor?
* wohin führt dieses gespräch?
* to where will this conversation lead?
* wenn ich ihnen iwie helfen kann?
* if i could help you somehow?
* size bir sekilde yardimda bulunursam?
* wann glaubst du mir denn endlich?
--wann glaubst du wann was?
* when finally you are believing me?
* when do you when something believe?
* was man auf diese weise alles erfährt..
* what do you all find out on this way..
* in the ca 3 past years, im following german l gonzalez a- on youtube- he sometimes posts music or albums, which do create feelings or
thoughts in me, which i wasnt aware yet-
also this supermusicianman of guitar, singer, producer and songwriter adrian kelvin borland, which arrived in london at 6.december 1957 until
26. april 1999
- since ive first listened to his music- everytime i get very sad, melancholy- in some tracks,
i get gooseskin-and also tears- i dont know what this is, sympathy- call it love- somehow i feel adrian borland so near.
end of the 70´s he´ve started with the british band the outsiders-
with a new musicstyle and extended occupation he played with the band the sound until 1987-
beside projects followed...and also a solo carrier--
adrian suffered since the middle of the 80´s visible on depression, probably released from a schizoaffective error.
2 saturdays ago ive watched a documentary about his life- there ive had to cry and cry-
behind several tries of suicide, he also warned his dad, that the one- inside of him,
will kill them- and what was true- a nurse who had wanted to make a documentary of his illness have said, that she feels very sad, cause
of the loss of their son. that he one day will get successful in his suicide try-
oh how must this feel like for parents, or friends.
sometimes he was in a psychiatry, also during the producing of albums- but he get out fast after taken the medicine--
he drunk a lot too, and everytime, he got a guitar in his hands, he got well- he thought, that caused of the medicine and pills,
he wasnt able to sing well... so... he did not use them always
and deciced himself for music- adrian borland was in the middle of the records of his new album harmony and destruction,
as he has fallen hisself into the front of a train on an early mondaymorning in april 1999 in wimbledon and has died.
the album got released without adrian borland in 2002.
ive cried maybe also, caused, on a situation which ive got with my sister- and that i am very glad, that the similar illness and
suicide try of her, wasnt successful- that she´s alive- and also glad, that my depression got away the end very "fast" or
faster than by others.
i dont know, when do a soul decide to go such oneway street? i mean, what can one at last time do, to change the soul´s game, where
is the endpoint? when are too much braincelles got ill?
are we authorized ?
do not life/ CREATOR send us always signs and help?
while writing it came to me, that we are all part of the creature / fountain head--
so is this the free willy ?!?
i wish, that adrian borland is very fine there wherever he might be now-
and that YOU take good care of your beautiful self-
thank you!
* vielen dank an deine wertvolle lebenszeit.. das du mir zugehört hast. <3
* thanks a lot of your precious lifetime...that you´ve listened to me. <3
* beni dinledigin icin cok tesekkür ederim...degerli hayat süreyigin icin. <3
next show in february 20 2022

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