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18 Uhr: FKT
Im unsäglichsten Bierkränzel der Region passiert Unvorstellbares! Charmante Damen mit Likörchen plaudern zu Themen, die ihnen am Herzen liegen.

19 Uhr: FKT
Im unsäglichsten Bierkränzel der Region passiert Unvorstellbares! Charmante Damen mit Likörchen plaudern zu Themen, die ihnen am Herzen liegen.

20 Uhr: No Water
Rockin' Rhythms – von Elvis bis Motörhead.

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Switch - Fuer immer Punk

Hallole, ich heiße Sibel und ich spreche das, was ich denke/fühlen tu: einfach die Wahrheit über alles, was mir passiert(e)/ich erlebt habe schon/mich traurig oder glücklich oder wieder gesund macht. Darüber quatsch ich dann manchmal auch mit tollen Leuten, Bänds, DJ's, die ich kennengelernt habe.
Dabei läuft Musik aus allen Genres, Tracks, die mir das Leben gerettet haben schon, wo man tanzen oder träumen kann oder ausflippt vielleicht dabei. Da es live ist, kannste mit allem rechnen – ich versuche rüberzubringen, was für mich Punk sein bedeutet.
Achso, einen Kopfhörer parat liegen zu haben oder 13 KW is nicht das schlechteste dabei *)

Hey there, my name is Sibel and i speak that, what i think/feel: only the truth about my view, what happens/d, what made me happy or unhappy or what have made me again healthy. about such things i talk sometimes with greateful guests, bands, dj´s which i met and know.
presently during the show plays/ runs all music genres, tracks, which have safed me already my life, where you can dance or dream or flipp out maybe on it.
ah !
to have nearly around your spweakers or 13 KW isnt that bad within *)

Sendende(r): Sibel Taylan

Mailkontakt: switch [at]


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Sonntag, 21.11.2021

21 11 2021
with special guests ARUN & STEFFEN <3
arun is my supersoulpiratesister and steffen is her beloved amigo*
ich schätze ihre erfahrungen sehr
i appreciate their experiences very much
mobile recorder:
*bells, birdies and firealarmsirens while having morning coffe (reminded me whats all going on anywhere worldwide at the
same moment)
* AM (RADIO) - i think this is italian?
anyway i imagine, that this could sound like when someone is watching football and some lady is talking with someone alongside
medicine tracks
ONE WAY SYSTEM - AINT NO ANSWERS (i love thiiiiis-voice power and punksS)
hattet ihr einen walkman?
wenn ja, wie alt warst du?
was für eine mc hast du als erstes angehört?
wie hast du dich gefühlt=?
* did you have ever got a walkman?
if yes, how old you were?
which mc youve listened first?
how did you felt?
arun: "yes! thats because i cant listen so well today-
when i was 9,10 or 11 years, my dad gave me a black suitcase in snakeoptic, there he´d putted a walkman inside with mc´s
neue deutsche welle / new german wave which was then current
since then i´ve started to dance with the walkman through the streets- "
steffen:(was born and grew up in the east of germany til 1989´)
" yes, when i got 30 years
ive listened first david hasselhoff- i´m a huge knight rider fan- still
with music it is more superior to live"
* welche frage würdest du gerne gefragt werden?
* which question you would like to get asked fain?
(my sister´s answer was: " would you like to keep the millions?":)
arun & steffen:"this question is difficult - therefor i have to think a while on it firstly -"
* mit welchem verstorbenen menschen oder lebewesen würdest du gerne reden?
oder wenn du 3 geschichtliche personen zum essen einladen würdest, wer würde das sein?
* with who is dead yet, you would like to have a conversation? or who 3 historical personalities you would invite for dinner?
arun:" leonardo da vinci - whereby i dont know if we talk the same language?but there then exist translators :) ...
he´s got invented a lot and have done things which are important for drawings and his art- and who else? it is so
difficult, cause there are so many! yo, and both grandma´s -- i think i have to make a party then!"
steffen:" i dont know really with who- actually with all- with my mum and my grandma"
* welches tier wärst du?
* which animal you would be?
arun:" sloth -they relax all day long in the trees and eat some sheets"
steffen:" monitor lizard- cause they´ve got so many bacterias on the tongue and mud in the mouth-"
* gibt es eine erfahrung die dein leben nachhaltig verändert hat?
* is there an experience, which have changed your life sustainable?
arun & steffen:" all experiences- from "negative" ones you put out the good things"
* was ist eine sache, die du ausprobiert hast und nie wieder machen würdest?
* what is a thing, you´ve tried once, and you would never do it again?
arun" sit in a swingboat on a parish fair!! it made a lot of rollovers- and i was very skinny- so the securityiron doesn´t
suited good-ive could have been sliding through, without shit :) and after that my siblings and i craweld under the
swingboat and picked up all the things which the other persons had lost once and took the spoils at home"
steffen:" this is too spontanious! let me think a while about!"
* wer war die verrückteste person, der du bis jetzt begegnet bist?
* who was until the most craziest person, you´ve met yet?
arun:" nina hagen and my mother"
steffen :" my girlfriend arun :)"
* hattest du schonmal einen komplett anderen look?
* did you have had yet one complete another look?
arun : " yes, when i was a model- ive got long hairs- and when i had to put on the boutique´s clothes, that was just not me"
steffen: " when i was a funeral director- into suit, took out the piersings, hairs cut- yes, and jacket- but after few times
it got more better- we could wear bomberjackets then- ive worked there about 4 years- and got many experiences and learned a lot
-about death-and that i can accept death also-cause i didnt checked the death until- thats why i got a funeral director-
and it also helped me to get over and come closer about the death of my (step-)mother-
this experience should actually everyone do one time in life-even maybe not everybody is fit for this-but as you see, death is
still a taboo-theme-- and if one would check this out, how it is managed there, then.." arun:" i never could do this- but i
salute on to this a lot!"
"why did you get off this job after 4 years?"
steffen:" cause it was too much- too much death- too much death of kids- (the usual ways of death or also very unusual and
special craze ways of dying- and of course, to get back my freetime- cause it is a 24h job!"
* was macht eine gute partnerschaft aus?
* what represents a good partnership?
arun & steffen:" trust, a lot of fun and a lot of love, a lot of kisses, and a lot of laughing and yes,actually blind trust"
* wenn du einem kleinen kind einen rat mitgeben könntest für den rest seines lebens, was wäre das?
* if you would give an advice to an little kid for the rest of its life, what would this sound?
arun & steffen: "just be as you are- to remain true to oneself "
* was ist das spannendste gebäude in dem du bisher warst?
* what was the most exciting building in which you have been yet?
steffen:" the cellar from my (step-)dad"
arun:" mostly the vacant factory buildings, which we´ve spent a lot time,where the illegal parties were-
there often one find interesting old stuff equipments from older times, like wiring diagrams..
and also the old smell there- and also castles"
* woran merkst du, dass du etwas in deinem leben etwas ändern musst?
* on what do you notice, that you must change something in your life?
arun:" when it is getting too much- for example in the job- then i have to change the job-
steffen:" when something does not fits- then it will be done that it fits"
thanks a lot them both and bermudafunk for this one hour full of fine music and laughings!!
next show will be on date: 19-12-2021
and thank you for switchtuning over in!

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